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It doesn’t matter how long you have been using electronic procurement, but in what way and to what effect."

Fair Sourcing Awards

The Fair Sourcing awards reward individuals or procurement teams from both the corporate and public sectors for their contributions to procurement. These may be in the form of inspiration, innovation, creation of new procedures, or following or setting trends in procurement. They are also awarded for excellent work, fair practice or a great idea. Words such as digitalisation, robotisation, and automation will often be mentioned during the awards ceremony.

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Philosophy of FSA

The Fair Sourcing Awards are given for innovative, inspirational or long-term use of eAuctions, eInquiries and other electronic tools that enable an improvement in the economic effectiveness and above all the transparency of purchase-related decisions. They are also a powerful incentive for those who lead the fight against corruption. The FSA awards encourage more frequent use of electronic tools in the purchasing activities in both the public and private sector.

FSA Categories

The competition has three categories: Idea, Trend and Master. The first is intended for eAuction novices and evaluates the results of their first year of using eAuctions. Trend rewards ideas and innovation of eAuction users. The premier award Master is awarded every year to outstanding personalities in the eAuction purchasing world.


The originator of the contest was NAR marketing, which bestowed it on APUeN SK and APUeN CZ on condition that the award ceremony be the culmination of one of the days of eBF. The participants are corporate procurement specialists, public procurement staff, and leaders of organisations in both the public and private sectors who use mainly eAuctions, but also other electronic tools, to improve the effectiveness of procurement.

Competition organizers

FSA is organized by the Czech and Slovak Associations for the Support of Digitalisation in Public and Corporate Procurement.

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